A sustainable digital health ecosystem through a skilled and empowered local eHealth workforce.



Improve the eHealth skills and competencies of national human resources in the fields of Health Information Management, Health Information Technology and Health Informatics, through continuous training and the development of career pathways.




  • Map,¬†quantify and project the demand and supply for digital health workforce and competencies.

  • Analyze and benchmark captured information against international best practices and trends.

  • Design a GCC-specific maturity model for measuring and benchmarking the sustainability of the digital health workforce that can be utilized by government authorities, healthcare service providers and vendors.


  • Engage governments, national human resource development authorities and Healthcare service providers on the outcomes of the survey and the importance of investing in eHealth workforce development.

  • Develop with all eHealth stakeholders an eHealth competency-based framework for foundational curricula, job descriptions, associated salary scales and career pathways of a digital health workforce.

  • Raisethe awareness of current and future digital healthcare career opportunities to¬†young talents in GCC countries.


  • Tailor up-skilling and cross-skilling training programs for the GCC region.

  • Adopt & localize online digital healthcare courses for continuous and on-the-job training.

  • Provide consultancy services to
  1. Governments and healthcare providers on (i) adopting and implementing the eHealth competency-based framework; and (ii) planning and executing their eHealth workforce development component within their digital transformation strategies
  2. Universities and training institutes on tailoring eHealth/digital healthcare educational and professional development programs to the specific market demands of the GCC region.

upcoming timeline

  1. The eHealth Workforce Survey of the GCC

    Future discussion and policy needs to be based on quantified data. Building off the work recently undertaken in other regions, the Taskforce will start collecting data from professionals across the GCC region. Find out more here

  2. eHWDC 2019

    By coming together as a region, we can shape a future beneficial for all. Why attend

  3. Post-Conference National and Regional Work

    eHWDC will be just the starting point for the further development of the eHealth ecosystem at both a national and regional level.